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Integrate Citrix Director and SCOM for enhanced monitoring at CVAD platforms !

Director administrator account needs to be configured as a SCOM Operator role so that they can retrieve full alert information in Director. If this is not possible, a SCOM administrator account can be configured in the web.config file using the DirectorConfig tool, however it is not recommended. (web.config) file under director folder If  you do not have…
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Do it yourself : The best open-source home surveillance system on raspberry pi !

Dear fellas , At first , kind thanks to Cris Crisan in regards to his share on github as this initiative will make your life easier . Before Proceeding : Read the general Installation page first. These instructions apply only to an up-to-date Raspbian Stretch. All commands require root; use sudo before each command or become root using sudo -i. If…
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Citrix Virtual Apps Tips : Windows Server Optimizations

Here you go to understand how to leverage endpoint user experience . To help customers on this way, Citrix has also “VDA optimizer” to review current setup and configurations within VDA machines. But when it comes to operating system optimization, I have two sides battling with each other. Although optimizing does improve single server scalability,…
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Citrix License Usage Report

In any organization, it is the Citrix team’s responsibility to check the Citrix license usage. We do not have a license usage monitoring and notification feature directly available in all the Citrix versions. This monitoring and reporting feature is available in Citrix Cloud. Citrix Director shows the information but we have to login to the…
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How to : Per App VPN with Citrix Endpoint Management and Citrix VPN

With the iOS per app-VPN feature, you can leverage the VPN profile in conjunction with the Citrix VPN app on a XenMobile-managed iOS device. There, you can establish an on-demand VPN tunnel to the enterprise network for a desired set of applications installed on the device. Below, you’ll find steps that will help you enable…
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Raspberry Pi Relay Controller with WebIOPi library.

Dear all , As most of you are aware , WebIOPi is developed and tested on RaspbianOS which is completely customized for Raspberry Pi devices. You only need Python, either 2.7 or 3.2. Download, then extract and install WebIOPi. The setup script will automatically download and install required dependencies using apt-get. You may have to manually install…
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Basic configuration of Rewrite and Responder on Citrix ADC

You can use the URL Rewrite feature to accomplish tasks such as directing users to the full StoreFront path if they do not specify it internally. You could also rewrite HTTP requests to HTTPS or rewrite headers in a TCP packet. For example: User enters https://storefront.citrixpro.co.uk in to the address bar. NetScaler rewrites the URL to append /Citrix/StoreWeb/ to…
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Dare to compare ?

Citrix or VMware ? Compare the user experience in XenApp and VMware Horizon when starting an application, printing a document and copying a file to a USB drive. Learn more at http://www.citrix.com/xenapp

Choosing the best path for your Citrix upgrade

Upgrading your Citrix versions provides many benefits for your organization but also requires careful planning to avoid disrupting end users. In this Citrix TIPs post, we’re guiding you through the upgrade process. Check it out. 👉 https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2021/05/20/citrix-tips-choosing-the-best-path-for-your-citrix-upgrade/

How to upgrade XenMobile server ?

To upgrade Citrix XenMobile 10.0 to XenMobile 10.1, take the following steps; Go to Citrix.com and download the Upgrade Tool from older version to the targetted one Login as Administrator on the XenMobile web console and navigate to Configure > Settings > Release Management On the Release Management page click on Update Browse to the downloaded update (.bin file) and…
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